New York Yankees

This fellow came out of the hotel wearing flip-flops, a New York Giants sweatshirt and a New York Yankees baseball cap. He was obviously drunk, red-faced and reeking of booze, shouting statistics at me. Somewhere around his A-Rod summary, his pitch reached fever. Oh my god, I thought. Why did I come to stay in a New York City hotel in the first place?

I suppose it's only right to mention that I was covered head-to-toe in Boston Red Sox apparel. You understand, I'm not even a baseball fan. I'm just a poor young man from Boston whose uncle gave him a generous, if inappropriate, gift certificate to a Red Sox gift shop.

Soon I found myself quite surrounded by New York Yankee fans, equally red-faced. But they were a good bunch to have a beer with, as it turned out, and later that night I sat up in my New York hotel room thinking how funny my new friends were - not unlike my friends back in Boston, to be honest.